Thursday, September 17, 2015

Playstation 4 to Beat Xbox One with Youtube Mass Live Streaming

Believe it or not, Sony’s Playstation 4 is now unveiling its third version where it includes Youtube live streaming. This will be the most number of updates in the history of Playstation gaming. The amount of revenue Playstation has recorded since it launched the 4th release has been continuously growing.

The capacity of the said gaming console has been increased to 10 GB from the original 1 GB. The way it shot up gave more spaces in live streaming.

“The PS4 uses this cloud storage for save files, but at present, it quickly fills up. In addition to increasing the capacity, the update will also add a meter that allows users to monitor their online storage, making it easier to check when you’re about to run out of space and delete files accordingly,” The Verge reports.

Youtube, being one of the best working social media websites of this generation, is evidently working on a good opportunity with Twitch. Moreover, the social media company is trying to further bloom games’ video advertising on Twitter.

“Interface tweaks and community additions round out the 3.00 update. In-game events such as double-XP weekends will be flagged up in a new dedicated events hub, and users will be able to create communities around games or interests, each coming with a messageboard, a place for shared screenshots, and an easy way to join parties with other members. If you play together with the same set of people a lot, you’ll soon be able to designate it as a favorite group, making getting yourDestiny raid squad together much easier than it currently is. It’ll also be simpler to jump into a friend’s game from the Now Playing screen on console startup, and you’ll be able to request to watch their session in action, should you want to do some backseat gaming,” says on the report.

The update will be available soon enough when the Version 3.0 gets launched and such Live improvements will be exclusive for Playstation online video broadcasting, and many more.

It was also reported that Xbox One has been winning the best gaming console that offers live streaming. According to IGN, in the user interface, where the players feel the experience of a real-life gaming, the power of the Xbox One can absolutely set the bars high.

In order to create a major overhaul on Microsoft’s creation, Sony’s evidently need to step up. In sports streaming, the Xbox one offers massive apps for several games such as basketball, football, baseball and more. This feature of Microsoft’s gaming console and absolutely beat the competitor.

Lastly, Xbox One has ore free apps and cable substitutes. If this is the case, Sony Playstation 4 really has to step up.

“All of Sony and Microsoft’s current consoles can now stream video files from your PC to your console. The Xbox One has support for just about every file format you can think of, while the PlayStation 4 (which just added a media player during E3 2015) lags slightly behind due to overlooking the Windows Media Video format. It may not be the most popular, but it’s still widely used enough to count as a big gap in the PS4’s suite of compatible formats. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 and PS3 are missing support for MKV, which is a pity—the format continues to grow in popularity, but support for it likely won’t get added now that both consoles are in their twilight,” IGN reports.

So obviously, it’s a good idea that PS4 comes to light and bring its gaming face on.

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