Friday, September 25, 2015

Video Marketing Percentages Skyrocket In Few Years

Video marketing is the best way to market your business especially nowadays. There are so many ways in order to make your business stand out, however, there are also a lot of competitors out there who are aiming to build a name in the industry as well. If you are trying to make the best of it, then make sure that you will follow the steps in the latter part of this article.

According to a report from eMarketer, businesses are now aiming to develop a whole new platform wherein their investors and clients are trying to review them based on videos. Moreover, the influential part of this is that having the businesses build more businesses by the use of video connections. The success rate wherein people are continually giving revenue to the business’ ether chest is what makes it more interesting. Profitable may be the shortest term for this.

“Based on the survey, it’s not clear how well video can serve so many purposes. Though one in four respondents said they thought it was “very successful,” another 60% were positive but much less sure. Marketers may realize some of their problems come from a lack of focus. Nearly half said the lack of an effective strategy for video marketing was the biggest obstacle to their success. A lack of compelling content registered 40% of respondents, followed closely by complaints about inadequate budgets and production resources. Research suggests that video is one of the most effective B2B tactics for lead generation, but that many B2B marketers aren’t using it,” according to the report.

With this, there are so many business marketers, too, who have their sales plummeting. Due to this, the right amount of investment they put on a single business needs to be thought for a period of time, it could take even years. Due to this, some companies hire a lot of consultants for their businesses to grow, but that’s not healthy for the company. Below are the simple tips you have to follow:

  1. Collect some feedback

Many marketers release videos with a lot of uncertainty. There’s often no internal review process and you can ultimately be a bit unsure if your target audience will like your content before you release it into the wild. This year encourage your team to be especially critical when reviewing your videos, and – as Reel SEO suggests – send out a secure version of your video to select contacts with a survey to get some external perspective.

Did your test audience find your call to action compelling enough? Did they get your jokes? You can use a pre-release to find out if your initial concept (and the desired action) is clear.

  1. Use email gates to capture leads

The majority of your videos have to be more than entertainment alone if they’re going to drive business. So, just as you use email gates on white papers, add gates to select videos to collect contact info.

If you set up a newsletter last year, for example, an optional email gate on your latest video can prompt subscription to that channel before viewers gain access to full-version content.

In 2014, find small ways to optimize your content for lead generation and use video as a way to drive subscription to your other content initiatives.

  1. Use your first few seconds wisely

Based on attention span data, you’ve only got about eight seconds to capture your audience before they’ll bounce. To combat short attention spans, use the first line of your video to qualify viewers right away. In other words, if the first line of your video is super specific, you’ll instantly lose the portion of the audience that is least likely to convert and you’ll be left with those in your target market you can actually persuade.

Video requires you get to the meat of your message much faster and by aiming to hold at least 60% of your audience until the very end, you’ll set a benchmark for success. You can read an article outlining how to do this here.

  1. Spice up your B2B message

Think Red Bull is the only brand that can have fun with their videos? Think again! Video marketing makes for an exciting goal because you’ll need some creativity to stand out among the marketers doing it right.

This year develop and schedule a minimum of five video nurturing campaigns or create a series of episodic brand content. Be sure to tailor your videos to all stages of the buying process and personalize the content for decision makers in your industry.

Whether you use a song, a rap, a clever parody, or spoof a famous ad campaign – aim to create something memorable and timely with storytelling techniques. Check out some inspiring B2B video examples from top brands to get you started.

  1. Implement a process based on performance

One of the biggest marketing challenges is connecting video campaigns to ROI. If you start using video analytics, however, you can visibly see exactly which campaigns are making a difference based on attention span and whether your target market is engaging all the way through to the end of each video.

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